Reliable and Trusted CBD Products in Florida

Soothing Solutions was established to address the needs of the community for accurately dosed, ethically sourced, meticulously manufactured, and pharmacist-approved cannabidiol (CBD) products and phytocannabinoids in Sarasota, Florida.

As Vice President of a Pharmaceutical Consultation company, CMO and Co-Founder Yusuf Kadibhai noticed that many patients would inquire about CBD products every day. They wanted to receive recommendations from pharmacists on the best CBD products. They would also ask information on its manufacturing processes and advice on what kinds of drug interactions may occur.

From there, he begun his research and quickly realized that due to the fact that CBD is classified as a supplement product, the industry had little regulation and, therefore, no way to hold processors accountable. Along with Austin Jones, a business development consultant, Kadibhai became a CEO and lifelong hemp enthusiast. The two created a vision to set the standard by offering patients products approved by pharmacists, recommended by physicians, and lab-tested for quality.

Meet the Owner

Austin Jones

Austin Jones

Austin Jones is an entrepreneur with a strong background in the healthcare industry. From a young age, he had always known that helping others find relief was a passion. His career began to flourish as a marketer for a home health care agency. Day in and day out, he saw seniors suffering from countless conditions such as depression, anxiety, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and neuropathy, which they often struggled to properly manage.

Constantly seeing clients’ medicine cabinets stuffed to the brim and hearing of side effects which dramatically lowered their quality of life, he knew that there had to be a better way. Helping the elderly get the care they deserve was incredibly important, but his heart shifted, and he decided to dive into the world of wellness and preventative medicine.

After working in the home care industry for several years, he spent time working with a medical software company seeking to develop an application and ancillary technology to track trends in overall well-being and, ultimately, to prevent medical emergencies such as heart attacks and strokes.

This project was focused on enabling people to be proactive with their health and it struck a chord for Jones that would lead him towards his vision. He knew that he wanted to develop and manufacture wellness products to get them into the hands of as many suffering individuals as possible.

As the hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) market began to expand heavily, it was only natural to see the opportunity. Partnering with lifelong friend and pharmacy development consultant Yusuf Kadibhai, the two set out to create Soothing Solutions—a company focused on lab-tested, pharmacist-developed, and physician-recommended hemp extracts and formulations.

In his personal life, Jones is an avid water-skier who enjoys spending time in nature, socializing with friends and his loving girlfriend, and finding new ways to give back to others!

Yusuf Kadibhai

Yusuf Kadibhai

Yusuf studied Professional Sales & Marketing at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. He joined Inderika Inc.—an independent pharmaceutical chain in 2015. And, he assisted to expand the company into several cities in the Florida and Texas regions. In 2017, he was appointed Vice President of the company after branding and newly constructing Midway Pharmacy into a 3,300 square feet Retail and Compounding Facility. The company also reached its highest sales benchmark within a couple of months of opening.

Yusuf is a Pharmacy Business Consultant specializing in private pharmacy startups and mentoring/training Pharmacists to operate and own a successful independent pharmacy. He has built and developed brands for Sarasota Apothecary, Midway Pharmacy, Caloosa Pharmacy, A-1 Pharmacy, and Harmony Pharmacy as well as constructed and negotiated real estate transactions. He is currently managing and ensuring sales benchmarks are met within the three independent pharmacies under his management.

Yusuf, with a go-getter mindset and a deep desire to help people achieve the highest quality of life, began experimenting in his compounding lab with a life-long hemp enthusiast, Austin Jones. Together, they launched a supplement-manufacturing company. Soothing Solutions formed shortly after, developing the highest quality pharmaceutical grade extracts.