Private Label

We offer private label services to clients who want to sell their own brand of CBD products. For those who prefer a private formulation for their brand, send us your formulation, and we’ll formulate the products for you.

What products can be private labeled?

We can private label our CBD products and private label custom CBD formulations.

How much does your private labeling cost?

The cost depends on the product that you want to avail of. Our products vary in the number of orders you request from us and their uses. You can check them out on our Products page.

How long will it take for your company to deliver my orders?

The amount of time it will take to deliver your orders will depend on the volume of your orders and the kind of CBD products you would like to avail of. For a more accurate estimate, please reach out to us through our contact information.

I am interested in availing of your private label service. How do I get started?

First, consider the type of product you want to avail from us. Then, contact us to ask for a more detailed discussion about our private labeling service. If you prefer to have a custom CBD formulation, please send us your formula and we’ll formulate the product ourselves.

Do you provide shipping outside your state?

Yes, our private labeling service is available in states all around the US where the use and production of CBD are legal.

Do you accept returns on your products?

No, we only accept product returns when the product is found to be not in compliance with the FDA. It is our customers’ responsibility to check our products for errors in spelling, company name, and contact information.

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